• Direct QSL
    Requirement is US$3 and a Self Addressed Envelope (114mm x 162mm).
    Do not send coins.   Please send your Direct QSL request to :

  • Christian BERNARD, F5GSJ
    19, avenue Hoche
  • QSL via Buro
    Please send your card via our QSL manager: F5GSJ
  • LOTW (Logbook of The World)
    LoTW upload will be done as soon as possible
  • OQRS (Online QSL Request System)

You can request your QSL here : OQRS . OQRS will be opened after being checked at our return. LOTW will be uploaded a few days later. Logs corrections requests shall be sent to d60ae2022@gmail.com .

You can help saving Buro costs when using the Online QSL Request System (OQRS) for Buro.

QSL processing:
– Direct Cards will be processed first.
– OQRS-Direct will be processed after
– Busted calls requests will be processed after these two.
– Buro and OQRS-Buro will be processed at the end.